Spektrum aims to create a small to medium enterprise partner network of innovative companies.


Spektrum aims to create a small to medium enterprise partner network of innovative companies. Our focus is on those working in the IT/Communications, C4ISR and outsourcing fields who are interested in expanding into the Defence and Aerospace industry.

Spektrum understand that collaboration, strategic partnerships and alliances are one of the most effective components of success and growth. We truly believe there is strength in unity, seeding ideas and building competence and capabilities within our network to benefit our mutual clients. 

We are always open to new partners who can add to Spektrum’s existing capabilities, while also facilitating new partnerships between our partners and clients.  Partners are integral to Spektrum’s overall success in creating value and delivering excellent customer experience.

We want to create an environment that improves the entire industry.

Mutual Benefit

Joining us will provide your business with lifecycle support, covering strategy, sales, delivery and operations in the Defence and Aerospace market. This is designed to build trusting, long-term relationships that result in satisfying our mutual customers and your long-term aims.

Collective Experience

Partners benefit from our large enterprise experience and public sector client expertise, allowing them to grow intemationally with peace of mind.

Conflict Avoidance

In a fast-paced industry, things can get heated. when the stakes are high, we’re committed. to identifying and resolving any conflicts early on, managing them with the highest level of priority, transparency, care and professionalism.

Serving you

Our dedicated team will be on hand whenever you have a question, require assistance or just want to have a coffee.

Commitment and Clarity

We're commit. to supporting you in achieving your long-term business aims. If you are not sure what they are, we'll help clarify your vision and Provide support and direction. If you're sure where you want to go, we'll support and refine your needs as we progress and achieve your aims together.

We’re looking for partners to join the team who don’t just say they are different, who are different:

Outsourcing/consultancy services
Just Interested