About Us

 Spektrum supporting you to win more business and deliver effectively against your commitments to your end clients in the Aerospace and Defence market


We are a Barcelona based international sales and management consulting firm, serving a broad range of private sector clients operating in the Defence and Aerospace market in the Communications, Information Technology, Outsourcing and C4ISR domains.

We help our clients make significant and lasting performance improvements and reach important business goals, whether it be in sales, delivery or operations.

Our exceptional experience and innovative working practices make Spektrum the preferred European agency in delivering success to SME’s and multinational enterprises within the International Defence and Aerospace market.


We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We have high standards and we help each other achieve them. We set and meet clear and specific commitments .

Exceptional delivery

Our goals are ambitious, exciting and realistic and we I.d our client's team to meet and exceed these goals on time and to a high standard. We question everything we do to ensure consistent growth and improvement.

Effective Communication

We value communication over blind assumption.This applies to deadlines, expectations and feedback within the team. company, and with extemal individuals.

Enthusiasm and fun

We're passionate about the work we do and value our accomplishments, making sure to celebrate our successes together. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a friendly, relaxed work environment.


We place great emphasis on supporting and collaborating with our team and clients. We go above and beyond to achieve and deliver results for our clients. We value positivity, and our sole responsibility is to help clients and their teams succeed!